Portobello Running Club Championship

Each year the club committee pull together a varied mix of races that will contribute to the seasons club championship. The season runs from January through to December and each club member should run at least 5 events to be counted towards the title and the best results from 7 races will count.

Club Championship races are keyed into the calendar but to review the full list you can head over to the years page.

How it works

• Every paid up club member’s results count.

• The person with the best time for their age/sex category scores 10 points. The next person scores 9, down to 1. Everyone scores at least 1 for completing the race.

• To qualify for a prize at the end of the season, you need to complete a minimum of 5 events.

• Your category is based on your age/sex on 1 January 2023. So if you turn 40 this year, you will still be treated as a Senior for club champs purposes. Even if your birthday is 2 January.

• Categories are MS, FS, M40, F40, M50, F50, M60, F60

• League tables will be printed periodically on the website and facebook page.

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